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 Submissive Heart

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PostSubject: Submissive Heart   Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:59 am

Submissive Heart

Submissive heart be still
It is the calm of the night
The still of the dark
Let no doubt slide through your soul
Keep it at bay with his firm touch
The breath sighs and
The covers rustle as he reaches out
To be sure you are there

Submissive heart be true
Let no one come between your belief
and the chain held by him
In the sleeping hours, his hand
Wraps around your hair
To be sure you are there

Submissive heart don't cry
When waking from restless
Slumbers, you find him to
Be the dream you sought
And have not found

Submissive heart keep faith
For soon in the calm of the night
His voice will call and the
Trust will be found once again.

Imperious is my Master.

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Submissive Heart
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